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Webinar: Additive Manufacturing for Service Spare Parts

21 apr 2021
Webinar: Additive Manufacturing for Service Spare Parts

In close co-operation with BEMAS, SLF organizes a webinar about a new look on additive manufacturing within (service) operations to become a strategic lever for growts.

Date:          21 April 
Time:         15h00 - 16h00
Location:   Online
Theme:      Additive manufacturing for service spare parts
Language: English

For many reasons supply chains are under pressure today. Availability of equipment and parts is impacting the performance of a growing number of companies. Managing a supply chain means today a differentiator instead of a hygiene factor. How to increase your service levels without additional stock? Implementing additive manufacturing to supply parts requires a perspective on both service and manufacturing. Is it possible to deliver short term results to support the changes needed and convince your management about the potential?

Having a new look at how to position additive manufacturing within (service) operations to become a strategic lever for growth is the main topic in this webinar. You will learn this based on pragmatic results and learnings from companies which have gone through a complete journey.


Introduction: PwC Aftermarket Survey - Digital technologies in Service business

Presentation DiManEx
- Service Supply chain challenges
   - Creating a Digital Inventory, reducing lead time and working capital
   - Successful approaches for additive manufacturing in supply chains

Case presentation Electrolux
Drivers of Additive Manufacturing
   - Approach Electrolux
   - Implementation of additive manufacturing
   - Examples of solutions created by additive manufacturing

Q&A and conclusion

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