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21.7 Traceability in blockchain (IToPP)

Being able to know what’s going on at all time.

This was the main message of the webinar ‘Traceability in blockchain’, organised on June, 16 by SLF together with TU/e and in co-operation with ECSF.  By use of blockchain, you know what is going on and where your parts and products are, throughout the complete supply chain.

In this webinar TU/e, Fokker Services and IBM gave a clear insight of how blockchain technology can be used to optimise (the knowledge of) your supply chain. The insights were gained in the research project – funded by TKI Dinalog – ‘Improved Traceability of Parts and Products’ (IToPP).

The webinar started with a brief introduction of the webinar and SLF by Ben Gräve (board member of SLF) and a short introduction of the IToPP project, by Remco Dijkman (TU/e), project leader.

Wouter van Dis, Fokker Services, then kicked off the substantive part of the webinar by explaining why traceability is especially important in aerospace. And how block chain leads to digital traceability and increases efficiency, quality of operational execution, collaboration, control and trust.

Remco Dijkman discussed the research in the project into why blockchain is the best solution to increase traceability. Within IToPP, they investigated the desired functionality, built a prototype tool and determined the potential benefits like especially trust. But Remco also warned that blockchain is not a silver bullit: not everything is suddenly perfect when you implement blockchain.

Last but not least, Jari van der Steen (IBM), described how you can change your everyday life with the use of blockchain technology. He gave impressive examples of actual situations where efficiency and transparency in the supply chain were increased because of blockchain (like in foodchains).

We like to thank Wouter, Remco and Jari for their interesting presentations. Thanks to the many  participants with their stimulating questions we look back on a very interactive and inspiring webinar. 

You can re-view the webinar in the video below. The slide presentation can be found in our knowledge database.

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