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21.1 Webinar Conas

Webinar Conas feb 2021SLF Webinar: New technologies in Service Logistics require new data standards

Date: February 16, 2021
Time: 15.00 - 16.00
Location: Online

By Ben Gräve

Hans van Waveren, SLF vice-chairman, opened this webinar with the promise that SLF will address in 2021 various new technologies that will enable innovations in service and maintenance and thus also in service logistics. In this context it is very appropriate to start with the basis: data standards.

A short video made it very clear that with the introduction of new technology in the 19th  century: railways, one was forced to introduce new time standards.

Robert van der Holst of Conas, took us through a couple of interesting examples: IoT/Sensoring for Predictive Maintenance, VR/AR, 3D Printing, Supply Chain Management and Digital Twins stipulating the need for advanced (global) data standards or in another way: without data standards, innovation and introduction of new technologies will be hard, if not impossible.

Samarth Sakharkar of Conas introduced the function of company golden spare part records and the key ring concept. The golden record connects manufacturers and entity spare parts to enable a global view of the spare part. The golden key ring concept ends up in a central spare part master database.

By using again the railways as a real life example but now in the 21th century, Jaco Voorspuij of GS1 showed us the positive effects of the combined use of the Global Trade Item Number and the Global Individual Asset Identifier ending into real time tracking and tracing across the entire cross enterprises service logistics chain throughout the full lifecycle.

In the Q&A some clarifications were given and with the short poll at the end the audience scored overall very positive. Some attendees were eager to get more information or to get in contact with this team.

Thanks Robert, Samarth and Jaco for your very interesting views on new data standards in the service logistics domain and thanks to the audience for listening and interaction.    

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