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20.9 Webinar F35

SLF Webinar 'Spare parts voor de Europese F-35 straaljagers in Woensdrecht'  iswm OneLogisitcs

Datum: 10 december 2020
Tijd: 15.00 - 16.00
Locatie: Online
Titel: Spare parts voor de Europese F-35 straaljagers in Woensdrecht

By Hans van Waveren
This SLF webinar gave insight into the European F-35 Supply Chain managed by OneLogistics. The F-35 European Spare Parts Warehouse was opened just one year ago at LCW. LCW (Logistiek Centrum Woensdrecht) is the Defense Partner, Knowledge Center and Depot for (Air) Weapon Systems, Communication Systems and Mission Support. LCW performs Logistic Services, System Integration and MRO&U and utilizes its capabilities to support Operational Users (Air Force, Navy, Army) and other Partners, both nationally and internationally.

Opened by Ben Gräve, chairman of the SLF, in this webinar René de Koning, CEO of OneLogistics, gave a look behind the scenes about supplying spare parts to the whole European F-35 region from this European Warehouse which has been developed by OneLogistics. OneLogistics was formed in 2009 by a number of companies with a single vision: “To create a company that is able to deliver optimisation solutions by combining packaging, customs & tax, compliancy and Global Logistics in a controlled environment”. Nowadays the warehouse is operated under supervisory of OneLogistics. During his presentation René came up with the special warehouse-, transport-, customs-, compliance- and unique control tower challenges of this operation.

Essentially René presented to the participants in the webinar the outlines of a Performance Based Control Tower from a servitization point of view. During his presentation we got an overview of the unique challenges within warehousing, transportation, customs and compliance. Also became clear that during the F-35 lifecycle (up to 2050) a lot of steps have to be undertaken to keep the supply chain up and running related to the amount of operational F-35’s, flight hours and parts.

The Service Logistics Forum would like to thank René for this open and informative webinar. If you have any question or remark, please contact us at

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